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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you ensure the safety and automony of the campers while coexisting inside a large trailer park like Wesley Acres?
    One of the benefits of the Harbour Ridge Camp is that we are hosted on the beautiful Wesley Acres property. We have a separate campus reserved exclusively for Harbour Ridge campers and staff. This is closely monitored and a gate is used to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. Campers will be eating in the dining hall and will travel back and forth in their cabin groups. Various activities will take place around the Wesley Acres grounds, campers are never left unattended and will always be in the care of our dedicated and highy trained staff. The other families and patrons of the Wesley Acres Trailer Park respect and honour the autonomy of the children's camps and do not have any planned interactions with the campers during camp times.
  • My child has medications/allergies. What considerations are provided for these needs?
    Harbour Ridge Camp staffs a Registered Nurse each week of camp who is the sole person responsible for administering all medications to campers. If your child comes to camp with any type of medication (for example, prescription or non-prescription) the Camp Nurse will collect them, label them, and hold onto them for the duration of camp. This process will occur during registration on the first day of camp. Each time your child needs their own personal medication, or your child requires medication while at camp, a cabin leader will take your child to the Nurse who will administer the medications, and record the time and dosage the medication was received.
  • Can you accommodate my child's food allergies?
    If your child has food allergies, we highly recommend that you state these allergies on the registration form when applying under the food allergy section. If we have enough notice, we can make arrangements with the dining hall to ensure that your child will have healthy, nutritious, and safe food to eat for the week. We will not be able to make accommodations the day of registration, so please let us know in advance of any food allergies.
  • Who is responsible for my child during their camp stay?
    Each child that attends camp at Harbour Ridge, will be placed into a cabin group and they will have 2-3 cabin leaders that work directly with your child throughout their week of camp. We take great pride in ensuring that our staff are well trained and equipped to care for your child. Some requirements of our staff are as follows: Each cabin leader is fully screened meeting Plan to Protect® standards. Each cabin leader is required to participate in an extensive training program prior to the start of camp that covers health and safety, best practices, emergency procedures, Plan to Protect®, and much more. Camp staff 18 and older must submit a clean police check with vulnerable sector screening In addition to our cabin leaders, we also have a Male and Female Unit Leader. The role of these staff members is to assist the cabin leaders with anything they might need during the duration of camp. These leaders will also play a large role in ensuring the safety and well being of your child is being met on a daily basis. They oversee the daily activities and events of camps. They are present during meals, cabin devotions, chapel, games, swimming, etc. and their primary responsibility is to ensure that the environment is always a welcoming, safe, and fun environment for kids to grow closer to Christ. Lastly, the Camp Director and Assistant Director are always on the grounds. They are often engaging and participating in activities with your children on a daily basis, as well as, providing support to children needing a little extra assistance when camp becomes to overwhelming.
  • How can I get in touch with my child during their camp stay?
    Campers are encouraged to spend time in their cabin groups cultivating friendships during the week they are in camp. If they absolutely must be in touch with someone from home then they will speak to their cabin leader who will make arrangements with the unit leader so that contact home can be made. Parents are encouraged to let their children experience their time away from home with supportive letters or notes tucked in their suitcase or belongings but we ask that you refrain from making promises of mid-week phone calls or visits. If there is an emergency, please contact the office and information can be passed along as needed. You may email ( your child while they are at camp. We have office staff who manage these emails daily and will print off notes from parents to give to their children.
  • What is included in the cost of camp?
    Day Camp costs include the following: Daily tuck shop visits Swimming Games and other activities such as - Canoeing, beach time, human foosball, gaga ball, 9 square, spikeball, and so much more Overnight Camp costs include the following: Daily tuck shop visits Swimming and Water Activities (Tubing) Cabin accommodations Meals and Snacks Campfires Games and other activities such as - canoeing, beach time, human foosball, gaga ball, 9 square, spikeball, and so much more including night games!
  • How can I make payments for my child's week at camp?
    All payments can be made online during the registration process using a credit card, or you may pay in the office where they accept cash, cheque, or credit card.
  • What time should I arrive on the first day of camp and where do I go?
    Registration will take place for both Day Camps and Overnight Camps at the Registration Building by the gate to Harbour Ridge. Arrival Time for Day Camp: Please arrive by 8:30am on the Monday morning for registration. All other days proceeding campers are to arrive by 9:00am. Arrival Time for Overnight Camp: Please arrive between 8:00am and 9:00am on Monday for registration.
  • How long should I anticipate for the pick up/drop off of my child?
    Harbour Ridge strives to keep the registration process moving smoothly but quickly to allow for a quick drop off and more time for camp fun. Here is what you can expect when dropping off your child: Each child must first get a head lice check before proceeding into the registration building. We ask campers to form a line outside where you will be taken one at a time to get this check done. Next you will proceed to the registration building. There you will be greeted by the Camp Director and receive your camp t-shirt. The parent or guardian of the child will be asked to review their registration form to ensure all information is accurate. Next the Camp Director will inform the parent and child of cabin arrangements (overnight camp) or groups (day camp). The Camp Director will send the parent and child to check in with the Camp Nurse. The Nurse will ask the parent or guardian to review the medical form to ensure all information is accurate. If the child has any medications with them, they will need to hand them into the Nurse during this time. Once these steps are complete, you are fully registered and welcome to leave your child in the care of our staff.
  • What is your head lice policy?
    Unforuntately head lice is a common problem amongst camps which is why Harbour Ridge requires all campers to undergo a mandatory head lice check on registration day. If a child is found to have head lice or nits, it is our policy to not allow them to stay at camp. We will recommend that you take your child home, treat them with lice shampoo, and pick all of the nits out. Once all of the nits are out, and they have been treated with lice shampoo they will be accepted back to camp where they will once again undergo a head lice check. If no lice are found your child may come to camp but we may require them to get combed for nits daily.
  • My child isn't really into a lof of 'outdoorsy' stuff, would camp still be a good fit for them? What can you offer them?"
    Absolutely! Many campers who wouldn't normally consider themselves 'outdoorsy' often leave camp having had a wonderful time. Our activities, games, and outdoor recreational times are highly tailored to engage your child's specific age range. They will have opportunity to choose some of their own activities and can tailor their experiences to best suit their own interests. We always keep in mind when planning that children have a variety of interests and do our best to meet the needs of each one.
  • How will you ensure my child has a great camp experience?
    At Harbour Ridge we prayfully plan the summer and keep in mind the various abilities, interests, and skills that each camper might bring with them to their week at camp. We strive to create an inclusive setting where all campers feel valued, safe and willing to take risks and have fun! Our highly trained cabin leaders will check in with each camper multiple times during the day. Ensuring that their needs are being met and that they are comfortable and happy while at camp is a top priority.
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