Harbour Ridge Camp - Wesley Acres Inc.  Abuse Prevention Standards

What is Plan to Protect?

Plan to Protect® is the organized, systemic approach to guaranteeing the safety for our children and youth. Harbour Ridge Camp - Wesley Acres Inc. has engaged with Plan to Protect® at the highest standard of abuse prevention and protection for serving the vulnerable sector.


What does this mean?

This means that Harbour Ridge Camp - Wesley Acres Inc. will be implementing guidelines for all of our staff and volunteers that coincide with our written policy in how we will stand together as an organization to keep the vulnerable sector safe.


Plan to Protect Member

Some of our requirements include:

  • Every person interested in volunteering or becoming an employee of Harbour Ridge Camp - Wesley Acres Inc. needs to fill out an application form.

  • To download the application form please click the following link: Application Form

  • Each potential employee or volunteer will be asked to provide three references in their application; each reference will be contacted.

  • You may be asked to come in for a face to face interview if you’re new and someone we have never met before. Otherwise, an interview may be set up through zoom.

  • Once the application and reference checks are completed, you will be asked to submit a police check if you are 16-17 years old, or a vulnerable sector check if you are 18+.

  • All volunteers and staff will be required to attend an orientation training seminar on abuse prevention designed by Plan to Protect® and presented by our certified trainer.

  • Once these steps are complete, you will have all the required documentation in place that will protect you and provide you with insurance should an allegation be made against you. You also will have received the necessary education to act in accordance with Harbour Ridge Camp - Wesley Acres Inc. Policy and Procedures for how we are prepared to limit the chances for abuse to even occur on our premises.