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Male and Female Unit Leaders

The Male and Female Unit Leaders will be hired to lead and disciple all the male and female staff that work in Harbour Ridge Camps. Their main job responsibility will be to hold the male and female camp leaders accountable to camp goals and policies; assist camp leaders in dealing with camper issues, oversee activity areas, disciple staff through small groups and one on one meetings, and help in other areas where a need may arise. This team member will demonstrate flexibility, patience, endurance, and a strong desire to share Christ. This position is open to post-secondary students or those who are 18+.


Lifeguards will be working on the waterfront to ensure the safety of all campers and staff who are in and around the waterfront area. Lifeguards must be present and attentive during all waterfront activities including swimming, canoeing, tubing, and water sports. During overnight camps, lifeguards may help in other areas as needed. This team member will demonstrate flexibility, patience, and endurance. Lifeguards will be under the direct supervision of the Assistant Camp Director, and Unit Leaders. 

Lifeguards must be certified in First Aid and CPR (Level C) and have an up-to-date National Lifeguard Society Certification before July 1st, 2021.

Cabin Leaders

Cabin Leaders will be hired to work directly on the front lines with children and youth. Job responsibilities include but are not limited to: preparing and leading activities, games, as well as leading cabin groups to and from activities, and caring for campers well being. During overnight camps, Cabin Leaders will oversee their cabin groups during the day, evening, and overnight. A natural ability to love and work with children is essential! This team member will need to demonstrate flexibility, patience, endurance and have a strong desire to share Christ.

Camp Nurse

The Camp Nurse will be hired to oversee the care of ill or injured campers and staff and will be responsible for related administrative duties. Some of these duties include the administration of all medications and maintaining up to date MARS records.

The Camp Nurse must be currently registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario or be studying nursing at a post-secondary institution. All applicants must have current First Aid and CPR Level C certification. Those who are registered nurses will be asked to provide their CNO Registration Number.


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