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How Camp Will Look This Summer

Through everything that has happened this past year with Covid-19, there have been lots of things that have had to change. Camp is one of those. This year as we plan for summer camps, there are obviously large changes that have needed to be made in order to make camp a safe space for kids. However, just because there are changes that have to be made, this does not mean that camp can't still be a fun time! 


This summer, there are lots of fun activities and games that have been planned in order to make this summer super fun! The campers will be able to still do electives, big group games, and participate in the things that make camp camp, while still being safe. The campers will be in smaller cabin groups for the days, except for big game times or service times. For these times though where we are all together, we will be spaced out. 


Campers will be required to: 

- Wear a mask at all times (except when eating, drinking or swimming)

- Keep distance between others 

- Regular hand washing and sanitizer


As more information comes out closer to the time of camp, we will update this website. For now though, as we know very little of what it will look like during that time, we have taken Covid-19 restrictions in mind when planning activities and games.


If you have any more questions about information surrounding the camps and Covid-19, please ask your questions in our "Ask a Question" section at the bottom of our Camps 2021 page. We will do our best to answer your questions.